September Exhibition

I will be exhibiting at the Greenspace Gallery in Camarthen throughout the month of September.

In addition to works on paper and canvas on show, there will also be glassware and a unique range of wearable art jewellery.

Greenspace Gallery has an admirable ethos

” …deeply committed to the celebration of nature, preservation of the planet, life and well being.”

and welcomes guests to linger a while in an art cafe serving drinks and cakes.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

Greenspace is situated on the 2nd floor above Community Crafts, 30 King St, Carmarthen, SA31 1BS

Puffins on Parade, pencil on paper
Puffins on Parade, pencil on paper

Shop on a blog – easy e-commerce

The first stage of the journey has started.

Not only do I have a nice new blog, (a little minimalist maybe, but it gets me started) but I have added e-commerce to it.

It is possible to do this for absolutely nothing, but I already had my own domain name and hosting, so I have added this page as an external link.

The cost of the hosting is £4 per month, the cost of the domain name for a year was £9.95. DSC00558 (2)

You may notice this is a wordpress blog. The shop part is provided by woocommerce as a plugin. Everything has been really easy so far and you can see the first few items in my shop. The tedious bit is filling in all the product information but whatever selling solution you choose you have to do that. I recommend adding a few each day so you don’t end up going crazy 🙂

Timewise, I would say it took a couple of hours to set up the blog and get my first post done and then another hour to plug in the e-commerce and have my first product online. I’m a technophobe, so you will probably do better than me. Compare that to the 2 days it took me to work out that the e-shop in Parallels Plesk 4.5 was not going to work.

The whole process for setting up both the wordpress site and the woocommerce site is well laid out and easy to follow – no need to read through manuals of geek speak. (Nothing against Geeks, I am a science geek myself – story for another day)

Why not have a go yourself. Do comeback and share your efforts if you have a try.

In the meantime, I have another 70 products to add …..

Happy Creating,

Janice 🙂


Hello and Welcome

Thank you for dropping by to this brand new blog.

My aim here is to post about the business of being an artist, about my journey from having a “real job” to supporting myself as an artist.

I will be blogging about setting up with e-commerce, advice I have found for artists on the web and experiences of other artists who want to share their stories. This will all be done on a shoestring, so here I am with a free blog platform and a free e-commerce platform. I will let you know how that goes each week so you can decide your best solution.

Please say hello and feel free to share in the comments,

Happy Creating,


Janice 🙂