Merchandise your Art for Free.

Magenta Dawn, Watercolour.
Magenta Dawn, Watercolour.

As I mentioned yesterday, selling art shouldn’t stop with just your original art work. Putting it on various kinds of merchandise is a great advertisement and means someone who may not be able to afford an original just now, may be able to buy something more affordable, even if it’s only a card.

Doing it yourself will earn you the most per item but that means laying out money up front and you may be left with stock you can’t sell.

Zazzle are one of a number of printers who offer a free option for getting your work out there. You can have your design put on almost anything from cards to bags, t-shirts to phone cases.

I have set up a shop myself today. It’s very easy and gives you complete control over what your image is used on. All you have to do is upload your image and create your item from the huge selection. I have used my images on cards and canvas prints so far. The wizards will tell you if your image is not right, for instance if you try and make a small image much bigger on a product. Options on cards include adding text to the back which can include your contact details or website address.

You also set the amount of royalties you earn. This will of course affect the overall price. For my cards I have chosen a 20% royalty which earns me 49p of a sale cost of £2.60. Zazzle deal with all the customer service side of things so it’s money for almost nothing.

The copyright remains with the artist and the license is non-exclusive to Zazzle, meaning you can sell that image anywhere else you like.

You can see the card I designed using the above image here

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Janice 🙂


6 thoughts on “Merchandise your Art for Free.”

  1. This is great. I would love to merchandise my art for people who can’t afford to buy a painting but who would like to have a creative product. Thank you for the tips.

  2. That’s a beautiful card! Zazzle sounds like an interesting option for artists, graphic designers, and photographers. I’ll have to let my son and youngest daughter know about Zazzle. I have my items on Etsy and Bonanza, because they’re primarily quilts, pillows, and bags.

    1. Thank you K lee. I hope your children find it useful. I hope you are doing well on Etsy and Bonanza. I am a fan of quilting myself having just finished a long standing WIP (or UFO ). I am just waiting for delivery of a new machine which I hope will have enough right of needle space to quilt larger projects.
      Best regards, Janice

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