2 Days till the big event.

It’s just 2 days until the King’s Hall Market in Stoke on Trent. Over 50 stalls will be selling a variety of wares much of which is hand crafted. There are lots of unusual items that you won’t find on the high street – great gifts for the hard to buy for. There is also a cafe and other food outlets. i’m looking forward to my cheesy North Staffordshire Oatcakes 🙂

All the details are below.

Have a great weekend and happy Creating 🙂

King's Hall Market, September 18th
King’s Hall Market, September 18th


New and Unique at King’s Hall Market, Stoke on Trent

This weekend I will be attending the Craft Market at King’s Hall, Stoke on Trent. I love doing these shows as I get to meet some lovely people and chat about art and craft all day. It also gives me chance to sell some of the items I can’t sell online as they are too fragile to post – mostly glass.

Coaster sets are one of my biggest sellers. They go for just £15 per set of 4 and as each is a unique work of art, this is a real bargain. I sell them at this price as I want them to be used as they should be without fear of breaking a valuable item. They are actually very hard to break (unless you drop a corner onto a tiled or concrete floor :-(). They are made with hardened glass (so suitable to put hot cups on) and decorated with a glaze which is fired when dry to form a durable surface which is even dishwasher resistant.

It would be great to see you there, please come and say Hi 🙂

Happy Creating,



GOAL!!! Set yours now.



Purple Mini Abstracts, Acrylic on Canvas
Purple Mini Abstracts, Acrylic on Canvas

It can be very easy sometimes to be distracted from your goals and when that happens you are much less likely to reach them. It is also easy to drift along if you haven’t vocalised to yourself what your goal is.

My own reason for blogging is to leverage search engines so that I get more visitors to my shop. The blogging is not the goal, selling my artwork is. I am something of a reluctant blogger, not after affiliate monetisation or thousands of readers waiting for my next installment. What I do want is dedicated customers who will enjoy finding out a bit more about my products and my methods. I want to connect, form a relationship.

I also want to give something to other artists who want to find their selling niche by letting them see what results I’ve got and how I’ve got them. It is all too easy to hold successful methods close to your chest and not share them because that knowledge was hard won.

Your goal is probably something completely different. Perhaps you have experiences you want to share, services you can provide or maybe you want to create a community of like minded people. Whatever you are doing needs to support that goal so ask yourself the question. Does what I am doing move me forwards?

The important thing is to keep your goals in mind and make everything you do count towards it. Don’t get distracted, but do enjoy the journey.

Today’s pictures are tiny abstracts that are ideal for gift giving. I am making a few of them for my craft stall at the end of the month. They are aimed at those people who would like to have some of my art but can’t afford the larger pieces. Those customers may be future collectors when circumstances are different.

Happy Creating,

Janice 🙂