Get paid while marketing your artwork.



Oil painting, Safe passage
Safe passage, Oil painting by Jan Gill

It is easy as an artist to create a work, put it up for sale and that is the end of the story. Move on to the next work.

If you are a bit more savvy you can actually earn more than just the selling price of your work and you may even increase it’s value. On top of that, your work will be marketing itself.

The secret is to put your work on merchandise for free. Well this is the site that aims to get you selling with the minimum of outlay.

One such opportunity is with Zazzle. You upload your work to their site, choose what merchandise you want it displayed on and set your royalty rate. Zazzle do all the printing, customer service and payment details and send you your royalties. Of course, you will want to promote your works, but you can do that at the same time as you promote your e-shop, exhibitions and shows.

Each of the items that sell is marketing your original works. A customer may buy a printed tote, for instance, then their friend may love it so much they want the original.

Why not give it a look – all it will cost you is a little bit of time 🙂

Happy Creating,

Janice 🙂


7 Day Update

It is now 7 days since I started this blog. I’m not sure how many people have read it as I haven’t installed a counter yet. Typically, the first comment I got was spam so I hastily added a plugin to deal with that and deleted the comments already there. It only took a couple of minutes to set up and deletes obvious spam before I even see it. Spam was a problem on my gallery site guestbook too. In the end I took that down so hopefully this plugin will be a solution on here.

As for Artfinder, that is continuing along with a few likes and views each day. Having set it up in April, it has a head start on my own shop and a ready visitor list. To get the best out of the site I need to try and get on their featured artist page. For that, I need to improve one or two things – include views of my paintings in a setting, add a picture of myself etc. Extra views would be useful for on here too and will be a priority over the next couple of weeks.

Puffins on Parade, pencil on paper
Puffins on Parade, pencil on paper.

The picture above is a recent work in Derwent Soft pencil. I really enjoyed the puffins at Farne Island with their comical antics and features. It always looks to me as if something is about to go really wrong.

I will be adding it to both Artfinder and my shop today.

Happy creating,

Janice 🙂