TT trouble in 2014


Guy Martin, Cronk y Voddy losing his wheel nut
Guy Martin, Cronk y Voddy losing his wheel nut

This picture is possibly the most significant picture I have taken for quite a shocking reason. It could well have saved a man’s life.

While holidaying on the Isle of Man to watch the annual TT race on the fearsome mountain course I was taking quite a few photographs of the competitors. On one particular occasion our group  was at a stretch of road near Cronk y Voddy. A bunch of 3 competitors came past and as they flew down the road one of them lost a wheel nut. I wouldn’t have known where the nut was from but one of our group was a keen motorbike racer himself and new exactly what it was. What we didn’t know was which bike the nut was from. A quick look through the photos told us the last bike through was ridden by Guy Martin. We could even see the nut flying into the road from his bike. Our racer informed the marshall and Guy was black flagged at the next control point in Ramsay. Apparently Guy was none too happy until the missing nut was pointed out. We even get a mention in his latest biography – When your Dead, your Dead. Fortunately it wasn’t Guy’s turn that day and he remains a national treasure.

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